“I have had the pleasure of working with the team from Protect International for over 9 years as a Detective and former President of an organization devoted to threat assessment education and training. The training that I have received from Protect International in Structured Professional Judgement tools, including the SARA, B-SAFER, SAM, HCR-20 and PATRIARCH, over the years has been invaluable in assisting myself and my colleagues to prevent many incidents of violence and keep our clients safe. Additionally, the consultation services that Protect International have provided to our organization on several complex and high risk cases was invaluable in assisting us to develop effective risk management strategies to mitigate the risks of violence. I would highly recommend Protect International to any individual or organization looking to develop the knowledge and skills to conduct and/or understand threat assessments and risk management.”


Law Enforcement, CANADA

“I would not be able to do my job effectively without the information and support you have provided. The continued support and information readily available from your office when requested, greatly aids in my investigations and assessments.”


Law Enforcement, CANADA

“In reference to the field of threat assessment, Protect International has provided me with essential threat assessment training that I have immediately utilized in my profession. Protect International does not only provide me the essential foundational and advanced workshops which focus on required Structured Professional Judgement (SPJ) tool implementation, but the entire Protect International team understands the importance of open communication, flexibility, and networking within the professional realm they are immersed in. I would highly recommend Protect International to any individual that is considering a profession involving risk/threat assessment as their team is well known as the “go to training specialists” that professionals depend upon for the most recent and current trends in this ever evolving field.”


Law Enforcement, CANADA

“Our university has had the privilege to work with Protect International on multiple occasions, including general training opportunities and training that has been designed specifically for our institution, both of which have proven to be exceptional. It has shaped how we work together as a team within our institution and has allowed us to set standards and guidelines that we can hold ourselves accountable to and has given us the confidence to deal with as vast array of situations. We have also had the opportunity to work with Protect International on a consultation basis, which allows us to seek guidance and professionalism on both a response level and to create policy and procedures to be prepared for any future situations.

All general training was well laid out, easy to comprehend and had a great balance of lecture, reporting writing and role-play. Our team would leave each session with not only new and diverse knowledge, but also the skills to apply that knowledge in real life scenarios. All training that was specifically designed for our institution was adapted exactly to our needs and surpassed our expectations of criteria.

Throughout our journey with Protect International we’ve had the opportunity to work with several members of the team, all of which have been a pleasure to work with. Protect International has been apart of our past and present, and will continue to be apart future.”


Safety & Security Services, Higher Education, CANADA

“All of our Security Risk Assessment staff have completed training with [Protect International]. We have consulted with them on a number of potential workplace violence situations and have received extremely helpful advice on our risk management plans. All of the staff are knowledgeable, professional and experts in the field. I would highly recommend them to any organization.”

Manager of Violence Risk Management Office,

Higher Education, CANADA

“The training provided by Protect International helps us fulfill our professional responsibilities related to assessing violence risk and enhancing campus security. It is very comprehensive and informative and allows for valuable exchange between participants for enhanced learning outcomes. In addition, the catered training Protect International provided to our threat assessment team is tailored to our needs, provides an opportunity for table top exercises, and ensures the team is refreshed with all the most up to date knowledge and skills in this field.”

Associate Director,

Health, Safety and Risk Management, Higher Education, CANADA

“Protect International has provided me with exceptional learning and support while I manage the process of conducting violence risk assessments for my institution and make recommendations on how to manage the behaviour. It is great to know that they are only a phone call away for professional, timely and insightful support. I have had the privilege in participating in foundational, advanced and topic specific workshops presented by Protect International and learned so much from their experience and research. Their team is extremely flexible and have even conducted personalized workshops and training for our team. My workshop manuals sit proudly on my desk and serve as a quick refresher and guide when assessing and managing violence. I find them extremely efficient to use and find every version more simplified than the previous. I highly recommend Protect International to any individual or team who is responsible for assessing and managing violence as part of their role.”


Security Services, Higher Education, CANADA

“Protect International has provided training on multiple occasions for our forensic mental health service for almost two decades. They have been instrumental in introducing the principles of Structured Professional Judgment, the Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol, and the Versions 2 and 3 of the HCR-20 (Historical-Clinical-Risk Management-20). All trainings were perfectly matched to the needs of our forensic psychiatric frontline staff. Consequently, all training sessions received an overwhelming positive response by the participants.”


Forensic Mental Health Service, GERMANY

“For those who reside in a non-English-speaking country and are trying to keep up to date on the developments in the field of violence risk assessment and management, reading current journals and books would not be enough. However, flying into trainings is not always feasible with distance, time difference and language barriers. The wonderful thing about Protect International is that they provide not only trainings and consultations but also provide such services online as webinars. To be able to directly listen to first class research-practitioners in this field and to have the opportunity to ask questions as needed from a far-away country is a dream come true. In addition, some online trainings provide transcripts of the training which aids in the understanding and relearning of the materials. I am grateful for Protect International in supporting the advancement of our personal knowledge, skills and research in the field of risk assessment and management.”

Senior Management and Practitioner,

Forensic Psychiatry Sector, JAPAN

“We sincerely acknowledged the value of training provided by Protect International. Many psychologists belonging to the Forensic Service, the National Police Agency, and the Correctional Service had the invaluable opportunity to learn how to conduct violence risk assessments and this clearly helps us to keep the public safe. Moreover, the training included realistic strategies and useful tactics in terms of management and intervention. We now have more confidence in our own positions and I personally expect we may make additional progressive steps to focus on the professional judgement. The advanced workshop gave us insights to deal with many questions and challenges to all of us in the field. If any professionals seek fundamental knowledge which is state of the art in risk assessment and management, I would recommend the training by Protect International.”

Senior Researcher,

Correctional Service and Forensic Service, KOREA

“Our forensic psychiatric clinic has for several years trained the team who handle the task of risk assessment and management with methods provided by Protect International. In addition, they have also received regular updates in the field of research to ensure that they perform their important work based on science and proven experience with the very latest findings in the field. It has given us a more confident staff at the wards provided with tools to communicate dynamic risk factors that can be changed by the individual patient. The results have in many cases been very rewarding. We are looking forward to continuous cooperation with Protect International.”

Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, SWEDEN

“My teams and I have been privileged to receive training, consultation and support from Protect International over the last two decades. They are the world leaders in the issue of violence risk assessment and management. In a fast evolving field they have always been ahead of the curve; indeed, they have driven the major theoretical and applied innovations in the field. While their training is founded on robust theoretical underpinnings it is fundamentally practical, realistic and implementable—this leads to better clinical practice. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Retired Clinical Director,

National Health Service, UNITED KINGDOM

“We have had very positive experiences with the training provided by Protect International during the past 10+ years. On several occasions, we have invited them to provide training to mental health professionals in the use of the HCR-20, both versions 2 and 3. This training has better equipped these professionals to understand the theoretical underpinnings of violence risk assessment and proficiently utilize the HCR-20 with people who have a severe mental illness. The instrument has standardized the risk assessment and management process in a highly effective way and has become an integral part of our work. The personnel at Protect International have been very willing to provide ongoing consultation since we began to work with them. We highly recommend the Protect International team.”

Senior Executive,