Manuals and Worksheets

We offer Structured Professional Judgment (SPJ) guidelines for comprehensive assessment and management of risk for violence. These guidelines incorporate the latest advances in case formulation, scenario planning, and risk management. They have been the focus of research and implementation in many countries and diverse settings around the world, for more than two decades. The guidelines focus on diverse forms of violence including general violence for adults and youth; intimate partner violence; sexual violence and sexual harassment; stalking, harassment and bullying; honour based violence; and group-based violence. We also offer additional guidelines for special issues including screening for various risks in correctional settings.



We provide licensing opportunities for all of our tools. Through these licences, organizations benefit from receiving electronic copies of the manuals and worksheets for distribution to their staff. Worksheets are also available as form-fillable documents, which facilitates efficient record-keeping and documentation. The content of the manuals and worksheets can be integrated into an organization’s electronic record keeping system. The licences permit an unlimited number of uses of the manuals and worksheets by an unlimited number of users covered by the licensing agreement.

Software and Apps (Coming Soon!)

We are developing sophisticated software and apps for our tools and worksheets. These products will work across platforms (desktop or laptop computers, as well as tablets) and operating systems. They will permit users to input, store, and manipulate critical information, greatly facilitating processes such as tracking progress of individual cases, analyzing trends in cases over time, and report-writing. High priority is placed on strict compliance with relevant privacy and data storage laws. The software and apps will be available for use by individual users, as well as by private and governmental agencies.