Terrorism and Group-Based Violence Conference

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Registration deadline: 20 January 2020

NOTE: Free registration for every fifth person from the same institution. Please contact us for further details.


In the 1-Day Conference, subject matter experts will discuss hot topics, including: (1) the similarities and overlap between terrorism and other forms of group-based and lone actor violence; (2) critical differences between screening, triage, and comprehensive risk assessment of terrorism and group-based violence; (3) the appropriate use of risk assessment tools, including how to deal with multiple (i.e., intersecting) risks and multiple tools; and (4) maximizing the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary teams.

Conference Overview

Critical issues in terrorism and group-based violence

How does risk for terrorism and group-based violence differ from risk for general violence?
• What are the critical social and interpersonal dynamics underlying risk for terrorism and group-based violence?
• Can people who commit terrorism and group-based violence really be “lone actors?”
• What are the most relevant tools for assessing and managing risk for terrorism and group-based violence, and how should they be used?


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