Sexual Violence Risk-20, Version 2 (SVR-20 V2)



The SVR-20 V2 (Boer et al., 2017) is a set of Structured Professional Judgment guidelines for assessing and managing risk for sexual violence based on systematic review of the relevant evidence base. It is a revision of the original SVR-20 (Boer et al., 1997) and a simplified, brief version of the RSVP. The SVR-20 and SVR-20 V2 have been translated into more than a dozen languages and are used in forensic mental health and criminal justice settings around the world.

Protect International publishes and distributes user Manuals and single-use Worksheets for the SVR-20 V2.

Training is essential to ensure appropriate use of the SVR-20 V2.

Protect International offers training workshop in the use of the SVR-20 V2. See our website for a list of upcoming live (in person and online) trainings, as well as for self-paced, on-demand training. Our standard training is about 12 to 14 contact hours in length and includes completion of one or more practice cases.

Alternatively, evaluators can ensure they are adequately trained to use the SVR-20 V2 through some combination of self-study and supervised practice.

Protect International offers licenses for use of the SVR-20 V2 Manual and Worksheets in electronic format. Manuals are provided in readable/printable format, and Worksheets are available in readable/printable and fillable formats. A licensing agreement may be an economical alternative to purchasing and distributing materials in print form for organizations with many evaluators or that conduct many evaluations. Please contact us for more details.

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