Implementation Issues

1 Hour | 1 CE (CEU)



This webinar will focus on the implementation of forensic assessment measures, such as violence risk assessment measures, into professional practice. This topic is highly relevant at the individual professionals level, the site level, and the agency or system level. Challenges arise at each level that may thwart the proper application of an otherwise well-validated measure into practice. This presentation will draw on the field of implementation science, and also use case studies on successful implementation stories within agencies. Topics will include (a) preparing staff and administration; (b) ensuring information infrastructure readiness; (c) achieving buy-in across and within agency levels; (d) developing policies for administration of measures; (e) training; (f) monitoring implementation of measure; (g) monitoring integrity of measurement use; and (g) in-field research.

Webinar Outline:

  • Violence risk assessment measures
  • Implementation science
  • Successful implementation stories

Intended Audience:

This webinar is intended for professionals who want to enhance their understanding in forensic assessment measures, including those working in criminal justice, security, health care, social service, education, and human resources settings. This webinar is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level professionals.