Evaluation of Risk for Sexual Violence: RSVP & SVR-20 V2


This self-paced professional training program on the Evaluation of Risk for Sexual Violence using the RSVP and the SVR-20 V2 is presented by Dr. Stephen Hart.

30 Hours | 30 CEs | CEU | CPD (20 hours online training + 10 hours consultation)


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Sexual violence—and, in particular, the diversity of both sexual violence and the people who commit sexual violence—presents tremendous challenges for professionals responsible for assessment and treatment. Actuarial risk assessment methods, which focus on identifying risk level based on statistical profiles, do little to assist identification of critical risk factors or the development of management plans in a given case. In this course, Dr. Hart will discuss the use of structured professional judgement (SPJ) guidelines in sexual violence risk assessment. He will begin by reviewing the SPJ approach, highlighting its potential strengths with respect to developing case formulations and management plans. Next, he will describe two sets of SPJ guidelines, the Sexual Violence Risk-20 Version 2 (SVR-20 V2) and Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP) and their administration procedures, focusing on their application to developing formulations (case conceptualizations) and management plans. Finally, participants will practice administration of the SVR-20 V2 and RSVP in two case studies.This program is a self-paced Professional Training Program. The fee for this program is $750 and includes all materials and worksheets. In addition, case studies and other case-relevant materials are provided for training purposes. Throughout the training program there will be quizzes that must be passed with a 70% in order to advance in the course. Once the course is completed participants will complete a course evaluation and then will be able to print their certificate of completion.

Intended Audience

This course is relevant for diverse professionals including (but not limited to) mental health professionals, health care, criminal justice, victim services, security, social service, education, and human resources who are interested in sexual violence risk assessment or considering implementing the SVR-20 or RSVP into their practice. This course is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level clinicians.


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