An Introduction to Violence Risk/Threat Assessment: Legal Issues

Every violence risk/threat assessment has the potential to wind up being reviewed before a court, tribunal, or review board. For this reason, violence risk/threat assessment professionals need to understand the key legal issues relevant to the services they deliver. In this webinar, Dr. Layden will identify the major legal duties that influence the practice of violence risk/threat assessment across jurisdictions. She will then discuss how these duties sometimes conflict and provide recommendations for how to avoid, resolve, or mitigate such conflicts. Throughout, she will use case vignettes from her own practice to illustrate key points. The webinar is appropriate for those new to the field of violence risk/threat assessment, as well as experienced professionals who are looking for an introduction to or refresher in the structured professional judgment approach to violence risk/threat assessment.

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, please register and we will send you a link to the recorded version the day after the live event.