What We Do

Violence is a fact of life. It happens everywhere, and it hurts everyone—emotionally, physically, socially, and economically.

Most organizations have legal duties to deal with violence or the threat of violence, and for some organizations this is one of their core responsibilities. We can help. Our mission is to assist organizations to reduce the harmful effects of violence through effective prevention and intervention.

About Us


Protect International is a leading provider of services and products related to violence risk assessment and management, also known as threat assessment and management. We help organizations and professionals to deal with violence risk more effectively, and we also handle cases on their behalf. We prevent violence and repair its harmful effects in a way that respects people’s rights and dignity and is in full compliance with applicable law.


We are a team of Threat Assessment Specialists with diverse backgrounds and experiences in the fields of mental health, public safety, management consulting, and law, supported by committed and talented Administrative Support Specialists. What unites us is our focus on protecting people from the harmful effects of violence and other conflictual behavior through the development, implementation, application, and evaluation of evidence-based risk assessment and management procedures.


“All of our senior staff who have responsibilities for assessing and managing the risk of violence have completed training with Protect International. We have found the training to be excellent and all of our participants have reported an increase in their confidence and skill level when managing students with a history of violence. As an organization we also made significant changes to the way we managed these risks which have greatly increased our rigour of assessment and so the level of safety for our students and staff has increased.”

Director of Learning and Engagement,

Higher Education, AUSTRALIA

Products & Services


We offer a wide range of workshops on assessing and managing violence risk. They are designed for professionals either working on their own, or as part of a team. We believe training should first engage people at an emotional level to build motivation, then engage them at an intellectual level to develop their knowledge, and finally engage them at a practical level by developing their skills.

Support Services

We also offer support services for assessing and managing violence risk that can be customized based on the needs of an organization. For example, an organization may seek feedback on a violence risk triage its staff members have completed, a risk assessment report they have written, or the case management plans they have developed.


We provide threat assessment and management services to assist organizations determine the nature and seriousness of potential threats to the safety of its community or to the public, and to identify appropriate management strategies for responding effectively to risks.

Legal Consultation

We provide consultation on a wide range of topics related to violence and violence risk assessment and management. The consultation falls into three categories. First, we conduct violence risk assessments of people who are parties to proceedings. Second, we provide expert evidence regarding scientific and professional issues. Third, we assist counsel to prepare for litigation, including direct examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

Program Evaluation and Research Services

We use our decades of experience to conduct program evaluations and research on issues related to violence risk assessment and management. Program evaluation can help organizations determine whether they are providing services in a way that is effective, efficient, and consistent with intended goals or best practices.

Policy Review and Development

We help organizations and companies develop rational, reasonable, and defensible policies and procedures related to the prevention, assessment, and management of violence risk.

Recorded and Live Webinars

We offer both live and recorded webinars ranging from 1 to 3 hours in collaboration with CONCEPT, a provider of online professional training and continuing education. These webinars provide general overviews and research updates about specific violence risk assessment and management guidelines (HCR-20 V3, SARA-V3, B-SAFER, SAM, RSVP, SVR-20, SAVRY, Violence Triage), in-depth discussion of advanced topics related to these guidelines (e.g., mental disorder, violent thoughts, lethality assessment, risk formulation, scenario planning), and focus on challenging issues related to implementing these guidelines into practice (e.g., legal issues, safety planning, risk communication, developmental issues, fear management, team challenges).

Self-Paced Training

We also offer recorded online training ranging from 10 to 40 hours in collaboration with CONCEPT, a provider of online professional training and continuing education. These online trainings cover specific tools (HCR-20 V3, SARA-V3, SAM, RSVP, Violence Triage and PCL-R/PCL:SV); and specific topics (risk formulation) and comprehensive programs (Foundational Risk Assessment and Management).

Manuals and Worksheets

We offer Structured Professional Judgment (SPJ) guidelines for comprehensive assessment and management of risk for violence. These guidelines incorporate the latest advances in case formulation, scenario planning, and risk management. They have been the focus of research and implementation in many countries and diverse settings around the world, for more than two decades. The guidelines focus on diverse forms of violence including general violence for adults and youth; intimate partner violence; sexual violence and sexual harassment; stalking, harassment and bullying; honour based violence; and group-based violence. We also offer additional guidelines for special issues including screening for various risks in correctional settings.

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